Showtime Performance Training


Get personalized, sport-specific training from our Professional Trainers –Sport-specific Strength & Speed training programs. Built by experts, customized for you! 

  • We analyzes your data to build your personalized workout plan
  • Optimized for your sport and fitness goals
  • Recommended loading and progressions based on your strength level

Sport Specific: Our Trainers design every program for specific strength, endurance and injury mitigation needs for each sport

Sport Position: Position specific programs offer an added performance and injury focus for specialized positions (i.e. Pitchers, QB’s)

Gender Specific: Programs contain different training considerations on upper – body strength and development along with ACL injury prevention.

Experience: Choose from the beginner, intermediate or advanced program for every sport, depending on the needs of the athlete.

Peak at the Right time – Mitigate Injuries – Stay Fresh During the Season – Avoid Over Training

Speed: To get to the next level every athlete needs speed. Speed is a winning advantage that you don’t have to leave to chance. We use a proven formula, based on bio-mechanics and motor control, to develop speed you can use in your sport.

Strength & Power: Sports are all about power. Power is the explosiveness when you’re hitting, throwing, sprinting, jumping, and making contact with opponents. Power protects your joints and aids in preventing injury. We help you develop that sport-specific power, teaching you the proper technique to lift weight effectively.








Sport Psychology (Mental Performance Training) The Ability to MOVE FORWARD under Pressure. We help you develop the mental toughness needed to perform at the highest levels of competition.

Individual – Small Group – Team – Training for Youth/Adult/Senior